Top 10 Best Fintech Companies in the World

Discover the top 10 Best Fintech Companies in the World from early-stage startups to unicorns, that are transforming the world finance.

best fintech companies in the world
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Fintech is a booming industry that is on everyone’s mind nowadays, especially investors. The explosion of the Best Fintech Companies in the World is not surprising. As the tech-savvy millennial contemporaries have aged, banking and financial options evolved, too. One rare perk like mobile banking became a model, forcing brick-and-mortar institutions to become tech-enabled.
But banks are not the only financial institutions that have made tech-driven innovations. Entire markets — from digital loans and mobile stock services to e-commerce cash platforms and digital currency exchanges — roots in digital financial access. To learn more about what the current space looks like, check out these Top 10 Best Fintech Companies in the World to keep an eye on.


Related-Industry: Trading

Location: Austin, TX

What they importantly do: Hudson River Trading is a quantitative trading company that uses a scientific approach to maximize the potential of its products. It has a team of mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, physicists, and engineers who work in concert to develop new automated trading algorithms. This allows Hudson River Trading to move millions of stocks across global financial markets each day, leading to constant innovation in how trades take place. It is, therefore, one of the Best Fintech Companies in the World.


Related-Industry: E-commerce

Location: New York, NY

What they importantly do: Riskified presents an AI-powered platform that protects e-commerce sites. They do so by allowing them to easily separate legitimate shoppers from fraudulent requests. The platform makes it simpler for legitimate shoppers to convert into customers. They do so with tools like dynamic checkouts, alternative payment processing, and chargeback guarantees. Also, Riskified’s ATO prevention and pre-authorization solutions, fixing leaks in the e-commerce purchase funnel, and building stronger customer relationships. In conclusion, Riskified is also one of the Best Fintech Companies in the World.


Related-Industry: Security

Location: Marina Del Rey, CA

What they importantly do: Spring Labs promotes secure information transferring between businesses. It makes use of powerfully transparent blockchain and real-time data ledger technology. The platform allows businesses to decrease fraud by validating identities with a variety of products and income stability indicators, protecting consumer data, and streamlining the credit transaction approval process. It is one of the Best Fintech Companies in the World.


Related-Industry: Consulting

Location: Los Angeles, CA

What they importantly do: BLX Group presents nonprofits and government organizations with compliance consulting, investment, and financial advisory services. The company also gives a wide range of investment and regulatory advice to help organizations invest their time and money more wisely, and is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Dallas, Phoenix, and also in Tampa.


Related-Industry: Banking

Location: Chicago, IL

What they importantly do: JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest and Best Fintech Companies in the World. It operates ongoing in more than 100 countries and roots dating back as far as 1799. The company also keeps a commitment to integrity, fairness, and responsibility in operating and is on track to deploy $1.75 billion in philanthropic capital to regions throughout the world by 2023. In conclusion, JPMorgan Chase is also one of the Best Fintech Companies in the World.


Related-Industry: Banking

Location: San Francisco, California

What they importantly do: Chime is a leading mobile bank. It also offers no-fee and automatic savings accounts as well as early payday via direct deposit. With over a million opened accounts, Chime is also reportedly one of the fastest-growing banks in the United States.


Related-Industry: Payments, Software

Location: San Francisco, California

What they importantly do: Stripe’s internet business platform provides tools for marketplaces, subscription services, e-commerce businesses, and crowdfunding platforms. Millions of online businesses — including Pinterest, Warby Parker, Kickstarter, Instacart, and Squarespace — use Stripe to manage payments and structure online billing processes. In conclusion, chime is also one of the Best Fintech Companies in the World.


Related-Industry: Consumer Lending

Location: San Francisco

What they importantly do: Blend’s digital lending platform interprets the loan process and gives consumers a more transparent look into their finances. The platform also connects low-touch pre-approval processes with quick data verification tools to create software that automates and expedites the lending process for everything from mortgages to car loans. It also gives major financial institutions, like Wells Fargo, US Bank, and BMO Harris, the tools they need to process billions of dollars of loans each day.


Related-Industry: Credit Cards

Location: San Francisco

What they importantly do: Brex created corporate credit cards specifically for tech, e-commerce, and life sciences companies. The cards highlight 30-day payment cycles, 10-20x higher credit limits, and also increased rewards points on pertinent business purchases. With Brex, tech companies can also earn 7x points on collaboration tool purchases (like Slack or Zoom), 3x on food delivery, and 2x on software purchases. Brex is also one of the Best Fintech Companies in the World.


Related-Industry: Debt Collections and also Machine Learning

Location: San Francisco

What they importantly do: TrueAccord applies machine learning to help thousands of companies collect debts in a way that suits both companies and customers. Furthermore, instead of cold calling or sending debt collectors, TrueAccord uses modern forms of communication (like texts and push notifications) to boost customer engagement and payback rates. TrueAccord also provides customers with outstanding debts with a platform that allows them to personalize the time, channel, and payment arrangements that are comfortable for them. In conclusion, TrueAccord is also one of the Best Fintech Companies in the World.

At last, I would like to say that, the explosion of fintech companies and startups isn’t surprising. As the world will continue to develop so will be our fintech industry.

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