10 Apps That Will Help You Grow Your Small Business Fast

10 apps for small business

Businesses, big or small, come with a substantial amount of risk and take up a lot of time in setting it up as well as day to running. The hassles of running a business can make it a bit cumbersome, especially if you have just started. However, technology and apps have made life easier. These apps for small business can assist you in every step which may range from planning and implementation up to the formation and maintenance of invoices. Just like financing your business has become easier thanks to loan apps in India, likewise, the following 10 apps will help in for smooth sailing of any business:


grammarly writing tool

Starting with an application that is the most basic of all, Grammarly is your personal grammar nazi. As a business, communication with people forms an integral part of your work. You will have to send emails, messages, letterheads, write applications etcetera. Having a good structural construction of sentences definitely helps in making a good impression. Grammarly is one such application that automatically corrects small grammatical errors that one makes in a write-up. Though most keyboards come with an automatic spell check, however, this grammatical correction is what makes it unique and desirable. Grammarly is one of such apps for small business needs.

Adobe Scanner


As a small business venture, you must be sending a lot of images of receipts, invoices, products etc., to multiple people all the time. You may even have to scan some documents and send and looking for a scanner and scanning it and sending may take up too much time. What if there was an app that could do all this and much more? The answer is Adobe Scanner. This app is used to scan documents and images, automatically detect the borders and crop out the unnecessary parts, adjust lighting and shadows and give you the best possible virtual representation of a document. You can convert it into a pdf format as well, the preferred document type for many. Adobe is the major apps for small business as well as for large businesses. 


Wire apps for small business

You may have to send some sensitive documents or images across to an important clientele which you would want to keep as secure as possible, minimizing the possibilities of a hack. One common way of providing security is by encryption which most companies, especially the giants of the internet like Apple, Amazon, eBay and online financial lenders have been using to keep all their transactions and communications secure. Now you may not have the budget to have access to the best encryption tools in the world but an ideal substitute called Wire works just as well. It encrypts the calls, images, texts, videos and makes them completely inaccessible.



There was a lot of temptation of including the Evernote app into the list but Taskade has proven to be more useful as it does all the functions of Evernote and provides additional benefits. It is your complete task manager, you can create logs, lists of tasks, draw and send sketches etcetera using this. Basically, it helps you plan your business in a more efficient manner and you can keep track of the 1001 tasks at hand. To add a cherry to the top, Taskade even allows you to integrate all your team members under one platform and you can brainstorm and share ideas together, making collaboration much more effective and efficient.



An important aspect of any business venture is to have a lot of contacts. You may need to recruit new people in your team on the go or may contact a business owner of a similar background or otherwise in order to expand. LinkedIn lets you browse through a number of profiles and choose according to your needs. Moreover, it also helps you to keep track of your competitors in a similar business niche so that you are aware of their steps and advancements and upgrade yourself accordingly. We all know Linked In is the best apps for small business recruitment.


Pleo manage finance apps for small business

Expenses are very important for any business and a proper tracking method should be implemented at all costs. Pleo is the perfect app for all your finance related problems. If you have taken loans keeping proper records of it will give you more credibility. It tracks the salaries, reimbursements the amount spent every month and displays it in a simple manner. It also gives suggestions for reducing the total expenses as a whole.


kanbanflow small business app

Your employees are the ones that make or break your business. Therefore, making them your priority and transparent with your employees should be one of your main agenda. One thing that should be avoided at all costs is to not overburden anyone with too much work. Kanbanflow enables you to keep track of all the assignments and deadlines that you have entrusted to your employees so that parity can be maintained. 


tripit travel apps for small business

Traveling is an essential part of any business if you are looking to meet your associates, expand your deals or even take your employees out on a holiday. However, being the main organizer of a trip can be a pain. Tripit is the perfect trip organizer. It creates traveling itineraries and sends it to everyone in a group, syncing the whole process into one. Moreover, there is an automatic synchronization with your phone or laptop calendar and you keep getting notifications loud and clear as the day arrives closer.

Google Drive

GoogleDrive apps for small business

One thing that is common to all businesses is the amount of data that is stored and is in transit all the time. It is not a logical move to store all of it in hard drives as it increases unnecessary bulk and any physical damage or theft of it can lead to substantial losses. Google Drive lets you store your data in a cloud storage form. The advantages are that the data is encrypted and secure, the space available is more and with the use of links, you can share the files with each other over the internet. Make use of Google Drive apps for small business to secure your data on the cloud.


Forest a small business managing app

To end this list, this app is not related to any business strategy or financial aspect of it. However, this app is equally important for managing a small business. This app prevents you from spending too much time on your phone and concentrate on work. Every time you switch on the app, you plant a seed and then it gradually grows into a tree. You cannot use the phone or exit the app until the tree grows completely, failing which the seed dies. Your main aim is to let as many trees grow as possible. The best part is every time you let a tree grow, a real tree is planted outside, letting you make some contribution to the environment.

Once you have downloaded all these apps for small business, you will realize that running a business is not as difficult as it seemed.

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