10 Best Remote working tools you need in lockdown

Remote working tools

Amid uncertainty around the coronavirus outbreak, several business houses are resorting to options like remote working in India. While these necessary precautions have become a need of the hour, maintaining productivity is another concern. To the rescue, technology can play a pivotal role in exponentiating the output. There are a number of remote working tools available online.

These applications help one to cope with the infrastructural challenges of working from home. From connectivity issues to sharing data and tracking operations, there is an answer to all the remote working concerns.

Communications play a multilateral role in boosting productivity. A well-communicated effort at anything is far more efficient and proactively fruitful. These communication tools can help you cover great lengths in this direction.

1. Zoom Meetings

Zoom has become a well-known video conferencing. It is one of the most important remote working tools to create three kinds of meetings on the Zoom app namely one. Zoom new features: Zoom has launched a hoard of new features! Cashing in on the pandemic and the need for video conferencing quite early on, Zoom dominated the market for quite sometime before Microsoft and Google started rivaling it. That has since led to a series of one-upmanship and the latest in this trend is a pack of new features that Zoom has brought in, like filters, reactions, lighting, enhanced control on presentations as well as noise cancellation.

With these new features, the company hopes that casual and fun elements resembling the office culture would enter the world of virtual meetings, ultimately making work from home less of a challenge

2. G suite

It is a product by Google that offers a host of features and options to make remote working easy. It lets you connect with your team, as well as your clients with professional email addresses, hangout chats, and hangout meetings. One can also easily collaborate with your teammates by creating common sheets, docs, slides, etc. To ensure that one does not miss out on important events, one can use Google calendar which is equipped with auto-reminders. You’ll also get unlimited cloud storage with Google Drive depending on your plans.

3. Slack

This is yet another important remote working tools, one of its own kinds, that enables end to end communications, transfer of data and other business ideations across individuals or within teams, Slack has become a sought after communication tool nowadays.

Standing apart as a perfect tool for remote working in India, the online communication tool comes with add-ons to customize this application as per your requirements.

4. DropBox

A cloud sharing application, Dropbox has surfaced as one of the most trusted names in data sharing and storage. A free basic version comes with a 2GB storage for all users and allows them to earn more storage once a person starts using it.

The best part about Dropbox is that it allows us to preview and store more than 175 types of files under the same UI. A must-have remote working tool if one is working from home, even the basic edition of Dropbox is popular enough among budding start-ups and entrepreneurs.

5. Evernote

Evernote helps you categorize, sort, export, and channelize your data into funnels and buckets. Its free version allows usage of 60MB per month, however, the office version is highly comprehensive on usage and add-on benefits. While dealing with complex datasets at remote working locations, such a tool adds to your productivity

6. Skype 

Undeniably, this is one of the most common communication tools in the world. Nowadays, when social distancing is inevitable to contain the spread of COVID 19, Skype is a preferred option to conduct meetings, teleconferences, and video conferences. Free to use a tool, Skype can be used in a number of ways to monitor and induce growth in productivity.

7. Zoho CRM

Customer Relationship Management is simply the spine of any sales operation. Withstanding support for these projects is the CRM tools available online.

While sorting through the best one for your business can be a tough nut to crack, choosing one with all the major utilities is a plausible solution. Behold, the ZOHO CRM. With its integrable user interface, you can manage, schedule, and pre-position your sales interactions at any given time.

Zoho also has a suite of tools called Remotely that can help remote workers to a great extent. They are offering free access to this tool until July 01, 2020, amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

8. Agorapulse

One of the best remote social media marketing tools in India, Agorapulse makes your social interactions worthy and your life easier as a marketer. While most of the social media management tools fail to differentiate content over various channels, Agorapulse allows you to customize and channelize the marketing efforts as per the specific platform’s needs.

It enables us to save time to improve efficiency inducing options to choose from, which makes it a winner among its class. It is one of the most effective remote working tools.

9. Constant Contact

This is another email marketing platform that simplifies your email marketing campaigns. When getting started, you will be prompted to choose your industry and your previous experience with email marketing. Based on your selections, you will get customized content and promotion ideas that will help you level up your email marketing.

Using this platform, you can easily send timely welcome emails, segment your emails to send them to the right client, auto-send your emails to non-openers and do a lot more. Each of these features makes you stay connected with your clients and interact with them better.

10. Nextiva

It is one of the best options for anyone who’s looking for a business and an online conference tool. It offers both video and phone conferencing and can be used in desktops as well as on mobile phones.

Hence, we see that while working remotely in India, communicating with the units of a team might not be a challenge as there are a lot of remote working tools that can increase your efficiency.

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