Read About The Federal Investigation Into Tesla Vehicles

Tesla Vehicles Under Federal Investigation

Technology has been a part of our existence since its inception. Different kinds of technology suited for small & large businesses or domestic use are readily available. Main industrial or domestic tasks operate at the push of a button or a voice command. Tesla Motors is a revolutionary company focused on making technology energy-efficient and accessible to everyone. They aim to build an environment-friendly ecosystem that is affordable enough for everyone. Their products include managing renewable energy, powerpack, solar roof, batteries, and cheap cars. Gigafactory 1 is an automotive and energy product designed to reduce battery cell costs. These inventions have created several job opportunities while working toward a cleaner environment. 

Nevertheless, despite their noble efforts, Tesla took technology one step too far. Their center touchscreen feature that allows drivers to play video games while driving is under scrutiny by the NHTSA. The “passenger play” feature has posed a danger for the driver and the passenger. Tesla Models 3, S, X, and Y from 2017-2022 are under this investigation – bringing 580,000 Tesla vehicles under investigation due to the “passenger play” feature. Even though this specific feature comes with a warning sign, the driver can easily play the game by pressing the passenger button. 

What Are The Best Features Of Tesla Cars?

Autopilot is one of the main features of the Tesla cars and various other driver-friendly features. The Tesla electric cars gained momentum in 2008 with the launch of the Tesla Roadster – the first-ever electric sports car. Tesla motors have always been light years ahead compared to other automobile companies. The electric vehicle is known to function on batteries that eliminate other gases. Electric cars are Tesla’s way of making a sustainable future among other solar and battery inventions. 

Risks Of The “Passenger Play” Feature

Studies show that distractions during driving such as phone calls, texting, or exhaustion are severe causes of road accidents. The “passenger play” feature in the Tesla cars has received only one complaint. Nevertheless, as a responsible producer, Tesla took the necessary precautions and retracted the hazardous quality. 

What Are The Results Of The Tesla Investigation?

After being under federal investigation, Tesla motors have disabled the “passenger play” feature. Tesla vehicles owned by Elon musk were under a formal investigation that disabled the game while the car was in motion. 

Economic Impacts Of The Federal Investigation On The Tesla Vehicles

While the recent investigations may have led the Tesla shares to drop, but the last two years have indicated differently. In the previous two years, Tesla shares have gained value that inadvertently made Elon Musk the richest man in the world. The prompt response of Tesla motors is sure to gain momentum in the share market in the coming future. 

In Conclusion

Tesla Motors has taken the necessary precautions regarding public safety. Federal Investigation can be strenuous, and Tesla vehicles strive to pass through it with grace. Tesla vehicles informed NHTSA of a software update that disables the “passenger play” feature when the car is in motion. 

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