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Top 10 Interesting science facts that will blow your mind

Interesting science facts

All children — no matter their age — are curious by nature, and science is one of those subjects that encourages learning and exploration by putting the mind to the test. We are always fascinated by interesting facts about everyday life and the great mysteries of the universe, regardless of our age. 

Below are a couple of amazing scientific facts that I hope will motivate you to learn something new every day. Tell your friends about these incredible facts about the world we live in. 

1. It is possible to increase the Eiffel Tower’s height by 15 cm during the summer

The expansion of a substance occurs when its particles move more and it takes up more space when heated up. The opposite of expansion is contraction. When the ambient temperature changes, the volume of mercury in a thermometer varies as well. Although the effect occurs most frequently in gases, it is also found in liquids and solids, including iron. Therefore, large structures such as bridges are constructed with expansion joints that will allow them to expand and contract without being damaged.

2. Cockroaches can survive for up to one week without a head

It is commonly thought that cockroaches may be the most likely refugees from nuclear war because of their tenacity.

As a result of their open circulatory system and the fact that they breathe through tiny holes in each segment of their bodies, they do not rely on the mouth or head for breathing.

A roach that lacks a mouth dies only because it cannot drink water and becomes thirsty.

3. The octopus has nine brains, three hearts, and blue blood

Two of the three hearts are dedicated to circulating blood beyond the animal’s gills, while the third keeps circulation going to the organs. Octopuses have a heart that stops beating when they swim, explaining why these creatures prefer crawling over swimming (it exhausts them).

Octopuses have nine brains, sort of. Eight auxiliary brains serve as preprocessors for the information obtained by each arm, one at the base of each arm. There is one “main” brain that performs all the analysis and decision making. We have red blood because it contains iron-based hemoglobin that carries oxygen to our cells. However, octopuses have copper-based cyanoglobin, which performs the same function, albeit less efficiently – this means they have less stamina than you might expect.

4. More men than women are colorblind

National Eye Institute explains that the X chromosome is the source of the most common form of colorblindness. If a woman lacks that gene on one of her two X chromosomes, a properly functioning gene on the other one compensates for that loss. A man with one X chromosome will be colorblind if they inherit the gene.

5. The distance between Hawaii and Alaska increases by 7.5cm every year

Yes! Due to the movement of tectonic plates, caused by currents under them, this occurs.

Each year, Hawaii is slowly and steadily moving towards Alaska due to the constant motion of the Pacific plate.

6. A typical person walks the equivalent of five trips around the world in their lifetime

Around 7,500 steps are taken by the average moderately active person each day.  In your lifetime, you will have walked about 216,262,500 steps if you maintain this daily average. According to math, an average person with an average stride, living until 80, would walk a distance of about 110,000 miles, which is equivalent to walking right around the Earth five times.

7. You can’t burp in space

Gravity prevents solids and liquids from escaping from your mouth when you burp on Earth, so only gas escapes from your mouth when you burp. Since gas cannot separate from liquids or solids without gravity, burping essentially turns into vomiting.

8. The rat laughs when it is tickled

We don’t realize how dynamic these creatures are. They are capable of “laughing” when tickled. The video shows that rats react positively to tickling, and they playfully chase the researcher after he tickles them. 

These funny animal memes make us wonder what they would say if they saw them.

9. Only Venus revolves clockwise

Originally, our Solar System was nothing more than a swirling cloud of dust and gas that eventually collapsed into a spinning disc with the Sun at its center. As a result of this common origin, all planets orbit the Sun in roughly the same direction. Similarly, all of them spin the same way (in the opposite direction if viewed from the sky) – with the exception of Uranus and Venus. Venus spins in the opposite direction from Uranus, in defiance of Uranus. Giant asteroids likely caused these planetary oddballs to deviate from their course during the distant past.

10. Food cannot be tasted without saliva

Chemicals from food must dissolve in saliva before the food can have flavor. The chemicals can only be detected by receptors on taste buds once they have been dissolved in a liquid. Salivary constituents are chemically interacting with taste substances in this process. Among other things, salivary buffers, such as bicarbonate ions, inhibit hydrogen ion oxidation (sour taste), and some salivary proteins bind to bitter taste substances.

Try rubbing your tongue with a clean towel, then placing dry foods, such as cookies, pretzels, or some other dry food, one by one, on your tongue. Drink some water after this, and do it again. How does it feel?

Bottom Line : 

Children will develop their knowledge and practice many skills when they are encouraged to learn and discover new things through science everyday.

Adults will also always benefit from learning new facts and gaining new information every day! You can find more cool and fun science experiments for kids and parents her.

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