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Why Reddit’s New Pricing Policy Has Sparked a Massive Online Protest

Reddit new pricing policy

BBC News reported that nearly 3,500 subreddit forums will go private for 48 hours on Monday in protest of Reddit’s new pricing policy.

According to the report, users are unhappy with Reddit’s charges for its API, which allows users to display Reddit content on third-party apps.

According to The Verge, many of these apps will close due to the charges.

According to a post by user u/Toptomcat on June 2, numerous subreddits will go dark in protest.

Since many moderators cannot put in the effort they do with the poor tools available through the official app, some will return after 48 hours, while others will go away permanently unless the issue is properly addressed,” u/Toptomcat added.

In addition, the user wrote that the community would take further action if Reddit did not “fix what they’ve broken”.

Steve Huffman, CEO of the company, shared a Reddit post on Friday about the “frustration” the community has been experiencing as a result of the changes.

Mods, I am greatly appreciative of all the time you have spent with us this week, as well as in the past. Your feedback has been invaluable,” Huffman wrote.

In order to ensure Reddit’s open accessibility to people looking for community and belonging, we respect when you and your communities highlight what you need, including, at times, going private.

According to Huffman, Reddit decided to charge for API use because it didn’t want to give away all its “valuable” data for free.

Reddit needs to become a self-sustaining business, so we can’t subsidize commercial entities that use large amounts of data.

According to Christian Selig on Reddit, Apollo’s developer is being asked by the platform to pay $0.24 for every 1,000 API requests.

From July 1, the new pricing policy will be in effect.

A comment request from Insider outside normal working hours was not immediately responded to by Reddit.

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