Indians dream of having more than one sexual partners – Here are their top five fantasies

Indians having multiple sexual partners

As erotic mental images, acts, etc., – also known as sexual fantasies – are even more taboo in India because it is a hush-hush word. According to a Gleeden report on the five most popular erotic fantasies of India, fights of imagination are raging across the country even though the topic is kept under wraps.

Couples in India, especially those living in Tier-2 cities, are more likely to fantasize about having multiple sexual partners.

According to Sybill Shidell, Country Manager, India, breaking the monotony in the bedroom is an exciting way to explore your sexuality and deepen your relationship with your partner.

Based on a survey by Gleeden, an online dating community, here are the top five fantasies of married people in India.

Explore the wild side of life-Sexual partners

People often do not have the opportunity to explore their own sexual identity before getting married in India, which may lead to a desire for sexual interactions with someone other than their spouse.

Approximately 19% of male respondents and 18% of female respondents expressed fantasies about having multiple sexual partners to enhance their sexual lives. As mentioned earlier, residents of Tier-2 cities in India showed a higher inclination towards fantasizing about having multiple sexual partners. In Guwahati, 26% of the votes were cast, in Ludhiana, 19% and in Jaipur, 18% were cast.

Tier-1 cities were not far behind in fantasizing about multiple relationships, with Kolkata leading at 21%, Delhi at 19%, Mumbai at 24%, and Bangalore at 16%.

It was a night to remember with sexual partners

Two thirds of males and two thirds of females expressed a desire to engage in a one-night stand with someone other than their current partner.

There are also specific cities with a higher interest in one-night stands: Kolkata at 31%, Delhi at 24%, Mumbai at 26%, and Bangalore at 22%.

In Tier 2 cities, respondents expressed even greater enthusiasm, with 33% expressing openness to one-night stands in Guwahati, 22% in Patna, and 20% in Ahmedabad.

There is an art to flirting

Flirting is frowned upon in Indian culture, but many married individuals fantasize about flirting with someone other than their spouse. Flirting is seen as a way to feel desired, attractive, and boost one’s self-esteem.

The data also reveals specific cities with a notable interest in flirting: Kolkata (29%) Delhi (31%), Mumbai (27%), and Bangalore (26%).

33% of respondents from Guwahati, 28% from Patna, and 23% from Ludhiana expressed a desire for flirting, which is higher than Tier 1 cities.

Fun in the virtual world

Virtual flirting is often a solace for the married in India, as it allows them to explore their fantasies without physically crossing their marital boundaries.

Approximately 31% of males, and 24% of females, have fantasies about virtual flirting with someone other than their partner. As a surprise, Tier 2 cities outperform Tier 1 cities, with 29% from Kolkata, 34% from Delhi, 31% from Mumbai, and 30% from Jaipur showing interest. With 48% of respondents expressing an interest in virtual flirting, Guwahati stands out, followed by 18% in Patna.

Fantasies of a stranger

The final fantasy involves having sex with one’s current partner while fantasizing about a well-known individual, a desire shared by both men and women in India.

In Tier 1 cities, 28% of males and 22% of females envision themselves engaging in this fantasy. Notably, 28% of Kolkata residents, 29% of Mumbai residents, and 26% of Bangalore residents are interested in this fantasy. Intriguingly, Tier 2 cities also show a strong interest in this experience, with 30% expressing interest in Jaipur, 35% in Guwahati, and 25% in Indore.

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