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An 83-year-old man arrested on charges of terrorism

father swamy arrested on charges of terrorism

Father Swamy is an eighty-three-year-old man, he is the oldest person in the country who is associated with terrorism. Father Swamy was arrested from Ranchi. The police seized his mobile phone and took him on remand till 23 October.

The National Investigation Agency which deals with anti-terrorism crimes arrested for 2018 caste-based violence and is associated with terrorism.

A video that helped arrest him was questioned by Father Swamy in a 15-hour interrogation and some data was taken from their computers indicating they had link terrorism. It is difficult to travel to Mumbai due to its age and epidemic.

Since June 2018, the BJP government has put 16 people in jail in connection with the violence in Bhima Koregaon, Mumbai.

He is still not allowed to bail for terrorist activities. Swamy was the center of attraction for the investigating agencies. They had raided his house twice in the last 2 years. They said the video serves as evidence for him.

A right has been created in 2000 to protect the tribal rights of Jharkhand. More than 5% of people migrate every year in search of work and study.

By the way, we know that Jharkhand is home to 40 minerals in India, such as uranium, mica, bauxite, gold, silver, graphite coal, and copper.

Like their equality in India, they are still an invisible and marginal minority. They live as if they are living in a dense forest with a flowing river of forest and veins of iron ore and bauxite.

Swami’s aim is to inform everyone about their rights, he explained to them how the mine and dams were constructed without their consent with zero compensation. This is due to their resources and common land.

More than 1.6 million people have left their land after taking their land for power stations, irrigation projects, and factories.

Swami has survived cancer and underwent surgery there and his hand is ashen.
He participated in the protest against Lynching as sentiment and commitment the local activist said.

Swami loves a cup of tea and a cup of tea every time. There are many economists who believe that Father Swamy has always been a gentle and honest person.

He does not associate with communist sympathies and makes him a communist follower. He was inspired by the mass movement to curb corruption.

Swami is the son of a small state peasant father and hails from a small state in Tamil Nadu.

His nephew died due to Corona in Chennai. His sister later died which was his personal loss. Swami’s bags are full and he is ready to leave.

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