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France Introduce Draft Bill To Fight Islamist Radicalism

French President Emmanuel Macron unveils a draft bill to make the country a weapon against fundamentalism. President Macron campaigned to this law to prevent separatists from vandalizing the country, which would be introduced in the Legislative Assembly in January 2021.

The bill comes due to various terrorist attacks in the country. The bill accounts for the recent past attacks, which took place in France. Even the bill referred to the recent incident of how Samuel Patty, a school teacher, was beheaded by an Islamist in Paris.

The future of taking into account of this laws is to bring various measures, including improvement in school education, and not to leave Muslim children. Homeschooling will be banned except for medical reasons.

The Benefit of Country Law

If the law is passed in January, the government will have more control over mosques and parsons in the country. The local authority will be given under public subsidy to close places of worship if they are to found to break French regulations.

Mosques will be Effected

Around 2600 mosques will be affected. People who are not criminals but under surveillance due to suspected bigotry can be sent to jail or detention centers.

The draft bill will also filter hate speech online. All activities of all French mosques, including financial deals, will be protected.

French Government Security Extended

The French government has increased its security of all activities including financial activities. The government has already made about 50% to 75% protection in mosques.

Even judges can prevent anyone from visiting mosques if convicted of violence, discrimination, or hate hatred, terrorism. Any kind of unpleasant activities will be banned completely. Foreign funds will not exceed $12000.

Punishment for Breaking the Rule

The punishment under the bill would be a fine and a year of imprisonment, which would impose imprisonment for providing virginity to Muslim doctors sought by Muslims for the matrimonial community.

Draft Bill Preview

The law proposed by critics of the Muslim community is called the anti-separatist law.
Therefore, Muslim communities are opposing this draft law, they are saying that it is targeting particular religion and the Muslim community.

The Muslim community is the largest community in Europe, with more than five million people. Critics say that it can be established in addition to the French Muslim community.

Draft Bill is the Bill of Independence

The French government called the draft law the law of independence. According to the French government, we are not against religion but we are against radical Islamists.

Macron has previously talked about taking action against attacks in France over the years. It is a functioning organization that aims to break the rules of the French Republic and create order. They are nurturing various organizations for French society.

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