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Workplace Gone Wrong: 6 Reasons To Consult An Employment Lawyer

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The workplace is supposed to be a safe environment where you could earn your keep, be with colleagues, and gain significant experience that you can someday use to further your career. In an ideal corporate setting, this should always be the case. However, not everyone gets to have a pleasant encounter at work.

Several workplace issues and disputes could lead to disagreements. At some point, the misunderstanding may lead to something even more complicated and could no longer be resolved through dialogue. When this happens, one of the best steps you can take is to consult an employment lawyer.

Why Consult An Employment Lawyer? 


In a nutshell, an employment attorney deals with employment and all its aspects. They represent both employers and employees who are dealing with issues involving laws on federal and state employment. Employment lawyers also make sure workers are treated consistently and fairly. Additionally, they ensure employers are complying with laws applicable in the workplace.

To add, here are more reasons to consult an employment attorney when something goes wrong in the workplace: 

1. To Help Handle Sexual Harassment Claims 

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an unfortunate yet typical issue that an employee encounter at work. You might be asking when’s the right time to reach out to a lawyer to help you file such claims. The direct answer is the moment you feel wronged or harassed. Remember that it’s your right to seek legal advice, especially if your employer is made aware of it and yet won’t do anything about the issue.

As you speak with the attorney, be prepared to divulge all the information needed for the case professionally. You may need to answer several frequently asked questions on sexual harassment in the workplace so that the lawyer will be more aware of the claim. They can be of great help in documenting the issue, assisting you with answering questions from the human resources department. As the case progresses, the lawyer will also ensure you the right amount of compensation due to you.

2. To File A Wrongful Termination Suit On Your Behalf 

Employers or managers can’t just terminate employees whimsically or with no substantial evidence to support the decision. Wrongful or unlawful termination is against the law, and you can expect an employment lawyer to help you take care of the issue.

As an employee, you’re protected by the law under provisions that guarantee your rights. When such rights are violated, you can fight back professionally and legally. A wrongful termination suit awaits your employer or company should you experience getting laid off or filed unlawfully.

3. When The Workplace Is Turning Into A Toxic Environment 

You may be there to do your job, but that doesn’t mean the company is no longer liable if the workplace turns into a toxic environment. Aside from being a severe case of law, such an offense can also be the reason for safety and health issues.

If you think your workplace is becoming toxic and is harming your physical and mental states, you can seek a lawyer’s advice and so you can better decide on what your next step shall be. The attorney should be able to prove that the workplace is indeed toxic. Ultimately, your employment lawyer would also make sure you’ll be well compensated for all the hassles and hardships you’ve experienced because of the toxicity in your workplace.

4. To Make Sure You Receive The Severance Package You Deserve 

The reality is anything can happen in the workplace, including sudden layoffs because of the unstable economy. It could also be because of the financial status of the company. Whichever the reason may be, consulting with an employment lawyer can significantly help you in such a circumstance.

If you get laid off from work, your lawyer will ensure you’ll get the severance package you deserve. These packages are computed based on several factors. Two of them are the length of your stay in the company and your position. 

Severance often includes a one-time payout, along with other benefits your employer is supposed to provide. An employment lawyer by your side can review your contract and make sure you get everything you’re supposed to have upon leaving the company.

5. To Help You With Worker’s Compensation Claims 

One of the most rampant issues that employment lawyers face is worker compensation claims. The claim will help guarantee that any work-related illness or injury sustained as an employee would be compensated justly and rightfully so. Although your employer is legally obligated to provide such benefits, the process may be too complicated for you to handle. And this is where an employment lawyer gets in the picture.

Processing the claim could involve several steps, not to mention the waiting period you need to be aware of while the process is ongoing. An attorney will ensure you have completed all paperwork and other requirements you need to submit for a smoother procedure.

6. If You’ve Been Discriminated Or Maltreated At Work 

Aside from sexual harassment, discrimination is also quite prevalent in the workplace. If you feel you’ve been reassigned, demoted, not hired, or let go by the company because of your status, religion, or race, you can turn to an employment lawyer for legal assistance. More than anything, the workplace should be a safe environment that keeps employees safe and free from maltreatment, and not the other way around.

Discrimination is highly prohibited in the workplace based on a disability, nationality, sex, color, age, or religion. As long as you meet the requirements and qualifications for the job, you have a strong case if you decide to file a discrimination lawsuit against your employer.

Final Words 

It’s sometimes unimaginable to find out there are several issues in the workplace that could affect employees in more ways than one. You need to remember that you have a voice, and you reserve the right to fight for your rights as an employee.

Consulting an employment lawyer could be the best thing you can do for your safety, career, and wellbeing. May it be sexual harassment, wrongful termination, a toxic environment, compensation claims, and discrimination you’re suffering from, there’s a way out. Talk to an attorney today to help you sort out your indifference with your employer.

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