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Western Intelligence Reports Reveal Russia’s Critical Loss in Combating Ukrainian Forces

Western intelligence

During the Ukraine conflict, Russian forces lost at least half a dozen hard-to-replace radar systems that helped them find and destroy Ukrainian artillery. Western intelligence believes Moscow may only have a few surviving.

As reported by the British defense ministry on Friday, Ukraine’s special operations forces have published footage showing the destruction of a Russian counter-battery radar called Zoopark-1M. In the footage, it said the attack occurred in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region on March 23.

Ukraine’s special operations forces took out Russian Zoopark counter-battery radar systems in combat last week, according to several Ukrainian western intelligence.

Throughout the 13-month war, both Ukraine and Russia have attempted to eliminate each other’s counter-battery radars.

According to the ministry’s update, these systems are relatively few in number, but they provide commanders with rapid access to enemy artillery.

Due to their active electromagnetic signatures, these systems are susceptible to detection and destruction,” the defense ministry said. It added that Russian forces have lost at least six of them and likely only have a small number left.

Despite the fact that both Ukraine and Russia are prioritizing their counter-battery radar fleets, the UK said that Russia will “likely struggle” to restore them because sweeping international sanctions have disrupted the supply of advanced electronics for the systems.

Russia can detect and track Ukrainian munitions using the Zoopark systems.

As we have witnessed heavy artillery exchanges in a grinding war, systems like these are important. The UK and Russia have provided similar figures regarding the destruction, damage, or capture of six Zoopark-1 radars, according to an open-source intelligence report from Oryx.

Ukraine’s military confirmed during a swift counteroffensive in Kharkiv’s northeast during what turned out to be a victory for Ukrainian troops. According to Britain’s defense ministry at the time, the Zoopark was just one of a plethora of “high-value equipment” abandoned by Russian forces during its counteroffensive.

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