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What You Need To Know About Relations Between Ukraine And Russia Today

ukraine and russia conflict

Ukraine and Russia are both accusing each other of putting Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at risk. Russia has occupied the same land that is expected to be the next front line in the war.

Diplomatic Solutions To Ukraine and Russia

Russia’s foreign ministry has warned that diplomatic ties between it and the US could be damaged if Russia is declared a state sponsor of terrorism by the US Senate.

President Zelenskiy is calling for a visa ban preventing Russian citizens from coming to the European Union. Russian nationals should not be allowed to visit the EU because it would just become a “supermarket” where anyone could go.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that people from the U.K., Sweden, and Croatia were allegedly charged by “illegitimate authorities in eastern Ukraine.”

Why Ukraine and Russia’s economic dependence makes them important allies

The president of Ukraine is asking the IMF for $5 billion to reassure his other creditors that his economy is in good shape. This request comes from Ukraine’s new chief economic adviser.

Ukraine’s Foreign Currency Ratings have been lowered by two major rating agencies (S&P and Fitch) due to its distressed state.

A week ago Russia began blocking Czech, Hungarian and Slovakian oil, causing it to be suspended because they were unable to pay the transit fees. Due to recent sanctions, Western payments had been blocked, so Transneft halted the flow through Druzhba pipeline.

The situation between Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine has now demonstrated the capability to attack Moscow’s supply lines. Ukraine’s military said they have ability to strikes 4 bridges in Kherson, Ukraine, making them impossible for Russia to use. Russian authorities issue no comment on the strike.

The west side of the Dnipro river is controlled by Russia. Two bridges crossing the river are currently out of use and being shelled, preventing access to that area.

Ukraine said its military destroyed a Russian stronghold containing weapons and equipment in the Bashtansky district, Mykolaiv region.

Authorities have reported that Russian troops had been shelling civilians in Donetsk and left at least 5 dead and 35 wounded in the last 24 hours.

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