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Unveiling the Best Premium Smartphones for 2023 in Indian Market

Best premium smartphones in 2023

Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and other leading smartphone manufacturers launched several best premium smartphones in India in 2023. Smartphones are no longer limited to regular designs, with foldable smartphones becoming popular as the design improves.

Every flagship smartphone has thrown down the gauntlet to become the best smartphone in India, from the sleek and feature-packed iPhone 15 Pro to the powerhouse Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

In this post, I take a look at some of the top flagship smartphones that were launched in India in 2023, from foldables to traditional flagships.

List of Best Premium Smartphones in India for 2023

Open Source by OnePlus

Open Source by OnePlus best premium smartphones in India in 2023

OnePlus may have been slightly late to the foldables segment in India, but it has made a significant impact with the OnePlus Open. With the Open, the company’s first foldable smartphone is based on the Oppo Find N3. With its sleek hinge made from aerospace-grade materials, it is both durable and thin.

A sleek foldable design and immersive experiences could change the foldable segment and OnePlus’ future in premium smartphones.

iPhone 15 Pro from Apple

Apple iPhone 15 pro best premium smartphones in India in 2023

The iPhone 15 Pro is part of the latest iPhone 15 lineup from the Cupertino giant. iPhone 15 offers the best price-to-feature ratio of the iPhone 15 series. It has a big, beautiful screen and a high refresh rate. A17 Pro silicon is used in the device, along with lightweight titanium.

A USB Type-C port replaces the company’s proprietary lightning connector on the iPhone 15 Pro, another much-anticipated feature.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 best premium smartphones in India in 2023

Although Samsung is no longer the only premium foldable smartphone in the country, it is still a great option for those who are looking for one. As for the hardware, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset, which is a faster version of the chipset.

Although the crease is still visible on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, it offers good cameras and the company’s reliable OneUI interface.

Pixel 8 Pro from Google

Pixel 8 Pro from Google

Next up is the Pixel 8 Pro, a favorite among stock Android fans.Thanks to the Tensor G3 chipset, Google has made big strides in machine learning algorithms on the device. A few new colour options have changed the design of the device, but it offers AI features as well as crisp displays, great cameras and a smooth user interface.

With the Pixel 8 Pro, you get seven years of updates despite its powerful hardware and feature-rich software.

Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung

Galaxy S23 Ultra from Samsung

The S23 Ultra is one of Samsung’s top-end A series devices.With all the features you could ask for in a smartphone, including S Pen support, the S23 Ultra makes for an excellent choice whether you’re working, playing, or just having fun.

​Besides its powerful chipset and excellent cameras, Samsung has packed the device with anamazing display, which, however, might prove too large for some.

With Samsung’s OneUI, the powerful hardware is well complimented by the company’s smooth UI.

13 Pro from Xiaomi

13 Pro from Xiaomi

One of the other good premium smartphones launched in the country is Xiaomi’s 13 Pro, the company’s most premium offering. If you are looking to capture images, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is easily one of the best devices you can get in India. As well as a great camera, it has a powerful processor, a good display, and a decent battery life.

Despite being a flagship, Xiaomi’s MIUI is a feature-rich UI with a smooth user interface.

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