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World’s top companies list: Infosys at top 3

World's top companies list : Infosys at top 3

According to Forbes’s recent list, India’s 18 companies included in the world’s top companies list. Infosys became the world’s top third best company, earlier it was at 31st number.

Top 3 companies in the world

Indian IT company Infosys has been included in the list of top 3 respected companies in the world. However, American Visa tops the list and Ferrari from Italy is second on the list. According to Forbes’s recent list, IT company Infosys is the only Indian company to be ranked in the top 10 best companies, all the rest are American companies in the world’s top companies list.

Infosys jumped 28 step

According to Forbes, the Indian company Infosys jumped 28 steps. Last year it was ranked 31 on this list. Infosys is the only company to have received this honor. This list includes 50% of Asia’s companies. 59 companies are from the US, 82 companies are from China, Japan, and India. Only 18 companies from India are listed on this list.

World’s top 10 respected companies

Walt DisneyAmerica7
Toyota MotorJapan8
Master CardAmerica9
Costco WholesaleAmerica10

Ranking Factors

These 250 companies were ranked based on their trust, social behavior, product-services capability, and fairness as an employer. The survey includes 15,000 people from 50 different countries. Only 250 of the world’s 2000 companies are included.

Reliance not included

The company of India’s richest person, Reliance Industry, is not named in this Forbes list. Reliance industry is India’s largest company.

Tata Motors31
Tata Steel105
Larsen and Turbo115
Mahindra and Mahindra117
Bajaj Finserv143
Piramal Enterprises149
HCL Tech155
HDFC Bank204
Sun Pharma217
general insurance corporation224
Asian Paints248


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