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A freelancer is a self-employed person who is capable of doing different jobs for multiple clients at one time. They do short-time work and charge hourly according to their tasks. Freelance writing is one such cool jobs you can try to increase your passive income.

Except the Freelance Writing, A freelancer can also do the following creative jobs, including graphic design, website development, photography, copyrighting, etc. Their earning is in their hands as it depends on their hard work and concern with their jobs.

How to Enhance productivity and your income in freelance writing

This is a guide for you on how to enhance productivity and income as a freelancer especially in the writing domains:

1. Freelance writing need a workspace:

You must create a dedicated workspace where you can write with full focus. Choose the right place at your home to avoid mind distractions. Freelance writing is an effortless job you can do at your home but all you need is a good place with positive environment where your mind won’t get distract. 

2. Create a habit:

The best suggestion for producing exceptional content is to make a habit of writing daily. When you write on a daily basis, you can learn to increase your typing speed. 

3. Have a work schedule and follow it strictly:

A fixed schedule is necessary for a freelancer so that they may deliver the order timely. Writing consecutive can be harmful to their health, so you must add break time in your working hours. 

4. Create your efficiency test:

You can’t write extraordinary without knowing what your weaknesses are. Evaluate your hourly rate by determining that how much time you can serve each customer. 

5. Plan out your workday in advance:

Always make a plan before starting your work, and it will help you to stay on task. Try to make a list of all the tasks you hope you can complete the next day. The planning in advance will lessen some burden and let you stay cool. 

6. Do the most challenging thing first, every day:

Try to finish the task first that you think hard to do. After that, you will stay relax rest of the day. If you think to postpone the hardest work, it will keep you under pressure the whole day. 

7. Treat freelance writing like your real business:

You can grow and write profitable in such an environment when you treat your business like a business.  If you take it as a hobby, you can enjoy or make fun of it but cannot bring the income you want. 

8. Know when to say yes or no:

You may have to decide whether you can handle this project or not. If you think you do your best, deal with your clients; otherwise, you must excuse them. Providing wrong or low-quality work content can damage your reputation in the market. So avoid saying yes to all kinds of tasks.

9. Be a good boss to yourself:

Your productivity and efficiency are depending on you. Being your boss does not mean being a cool boss who may let you relax the whole afternoon while there is a deadline to submit the work in the evening. You must treat yourself with professionalism so that you may complete your tasks on time.

10. Plan out your projects:

The best thing to increase productivity is to know how to structure your blog. You must decide the format of your project before starting working on it. For instance, you must work on the following points when a client asks you to write a blog post:

  • Headline
  • Introduction
  • Subheading points
  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Screenshots of what you are talking about
  • Source links

You can work quickly overall when you have a proper system to handle your projects. 

11. Hide your phone:

You must keep your phone in another room when you have started working for your clients. Yes, it’s hard to do it, but continually using a mobile phone during work will not let you come up with reliable results. 

12. Drink a copious amount of coffee:

Excessive coffee use may not be suitable for health, but it can help you be more productive. You can work actively, so start your task with a cup of coffee. 

13. Create templates for Freelance writing:

You can work easier and faster with the help of templates. If you are a new freelancer, then maximize your time by creating standard templates or frameworks to write your content. 

14. Provide original content:

You must write plagiarism free content for your customers to win their trust. If you provide them duplicate content, they won’t assign you more work. You may employ any plagiarism checker to purify your project before delivering it to your client. There are many plagiarism detector tools that you can use to remove similarities from your content. 

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