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How to Find the Best Electric Motor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Electric motors have various applications. You can find them in washing machines, pumps, driers, etc. However, selecting the best electric motor for your use can be challenging and overwhelming. This decision will require you to understand how these operate, loading capacities, and their types. Here are steps to follow when selecting the best motors for

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Meet a startup that turns air into ‘Green’ water and sells it at ₹4 per liter

More than half of those in India lack access to clean water, and fluoride affects more than 10 million Indians. Remote areas often lack access to clean drinking water and people walk miles to get it. Drinking water for rural areas comes from groundwater, which is now at an accelerating rate leading to wells drying

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Russian Fuel Supply Cuts Worried European Countries

Amidst these chaotic times, Russia has increased pressure on many European economies by reducing the natural gas supplies further, raising fears of a fuel shortfall this winter. European officials describe these Russian fuel supply cuts as an attempt to retaliate against Western countries for backing Ukraine. On Friday, Russia decreased the natural gas deliveries to

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Fuel prices to remain high till 2023, says report

A report published by Wood Mackenzie states that consumers can expect fuel prices to stay high until next year due to disruptions in Russian oil supplies and refineries struggling to satisfy demand after the pandemic. It also says that the pressure could ease in the second half of 2023, when many new major refineries, particularly

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How high is the price of petrol in India?

Rising fuel prices in India has led to considerable debate on which government, state or central, should be lowering their taxes to keep prices under control. The rise in petrol price is mainly due to the global price of crude going up. Governments have acted differently in various countries on fuel pricing. Further, a stronger

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Reliance Ranked On Top In Indian Firms On Forbes Global Under 2000

Forbes ranks Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Group, at number 53 on the latest global 2000 list of companies worldwide. Forbes releases their annual list of the Top 2000 Companies in the world, which is ranked by sales. Reliance ranked top in Indian firms. Reliance has been listed on the 53th most prominent position on Forbes Global under

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China eases energy controls, but glimmer of hope in Chinese industrial metal stocks fades as Shanghai goes into lockdown

China’s city-wide lockdown of Shanghai caused the Chinese stock markets to fall by 2% Premier Li Keqiang called on the country to develop its innovative capabilities China eases annual energy restrictions and is expected to see an upward trend in industrial metals and coal production China is the world’s top steel producer and consumer, with

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India must join forces with booming countries for cheaper CDR

India must join forces with booming countries to explore state-of-the-art technologies for cheaper CDR.  Furthermore, booming countries generating massive amounts of emissions per capita must take responsibility for CDR.  Since CDR is expensive, India must join forces with rich countries to retrieve carbon in usable forms.  Why must India join forces with booming countries for

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Are trade and economic sanctions against Russia risky?

The US and its allies have issued trade and economic sanctions against the Russian economy.  The sanctions are a measure to aid Ukraine to avoid a nuclear confrontation between NATO and Russia.  However, many wonder if the trade and economic sanctions against Russia are risky.  Furthermore, these sanctions actively damage users requiring clarity on deployment

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Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan: A game-changer for India

Presently, Mumbai’s climate action plan works on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  The Climate Action plan proposed by Mumbai is to energize various large towns.  Perhaps, MCAP might utilize these larger towns for creating their action strategies. Furthermore, Mumbai’s plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions might require MCAP’s implementation through popular participation.  However, the

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