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Apple Store News Rules: Why Microsoft is unhappy with its new rules?

Apple is one of the top companies in the world and is known for its good services. Apple store is one of the top app stores in the world. But in a recent apple made some changes in its new app store rules. Its new guidelines for apps and the App Store have made existence easier […]

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“Contactless Yet Excellent Service” is the Future of Hospitality Industry

According to the health guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, all hoteliers are required to re-evaluate what is necessary within the business and have access to contactless solutions to provide customer experience with ease and safety. Contactless solutions have become a priority within the hospitality industry. While contactless is not a new concept, it […]

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Why is it more important to motivate and appreciate your employees now?

If appreciation is absent, an individual is less likely to feel connected or motivated to invest themselves in that relationship. Failing to recognize your team members may affect their productivity in the long run and hinder your company’s progress. Hence, it’s crucial that you motivate and appreciate your employees. While the importance of feeling appreciated […]

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Adoption of new ways while coming back to Workplace

Over the past few months, the government had ordered the people to work from home across the globe. The pandemic has changed a few things irreversibly as the world has realized that people can be reasonably productive working from home. However, there are numerous factors that need to be kept in mind while one is […]

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LINC’s new “Pentonic Covid-19 Killer” is here to fight the battle with you!

Kolkata, July 2020: As the world looks for nifty ways to protect themselves in the battle against the pandemic, Linc Pen and Plastics Limited have announced the launch of a gizmo of the future – the Pentatonic Covid-19 Killer. An infinite quest for research and innovation has always set Linc’s Pentonic range apart as a […]

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What Awaits the Indian Startup Culture in 2020 and Beyond: Trends and Predictions

Small businesses and startups are crucial for a healthy economy. That is why market-oriented reforms are continually boosting entrepreneurial activity in India. According to recent startup statistics, the USA is the best country for entrepreneurship. After China, India is the third-largest ecosystem for startups and small businesses. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, the future […]

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Government issues new rules for online shopping

New Delhi. Soon the government will overcome all the hassles related to online shopping. On online shopping, customer get rid of the problems of discounting cash and returning or Exchange of products. The Government will present the rules soon. As per sources, through these rules, the government can give a great relief of help to […]

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