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Coronavirus: France bans more than four cities due to high levels of infection

Coronavirus still grows in every city and country, so bars and restaurants have to be closed in four other cities. The French government has strongly imposed epidemic bans in other cities with high levels of infection, causing four cities to have high levels of infection rates like other European countries. Four cities — Alien, Lily, Grenoble,

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Hathras case: Why Dalit Women are the most ill-treated in the world?

Dalits are the most afflicted caste class in the world, mainly because they are poor and low caste. Women should focus on all these issues. Even there is no one to help the Dalits, people of the caste also know the world, they do not even have the ability to speak for them. They face more

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India’s Ola taxi app ban in London due to safety issues

The Ola company has been operating in London since February. Transport for London (TfL) said the firm had failed more than 1000 trips made by unlicensed drivers. The decision is appealed and is 21 days, they can operate in time as per the rules. The Transport Authority said Ola did not report for the failures. The

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Google removed Paytm from Play Store for violating its terms

The Paytm application is briefly removed by Google for violations of its policy on gambling. As a result of this, Paytm has stopped its Payments and financial services on the day. Susan Frei, vice president of Google, announced in a blog post that Android Security and Privacy stated that it does not allow online casinos or

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How social distancing marks are changing the world

Some unusual marks appeared on the ground in cities such as Paris. There is a new blue and white wave-shaped trail dotted on the street and outside the schools. In cities, the government is taking initiatives to encourage people to socialize around schools and markets or any public places to protect the coronavirus infection. Because there

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Why Canada is becoming the First Choice for Indians to Live?

Canada is preferred as the best destination to settle in abroad for Indians. There are many reasons for choosing Canada for Indians such as to pursue their study, sense of security, job destination, etc. Canada is preferred as the best destination for higher studies and employment purposes. It is considered as the best place to

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Slash in school fees by 25% says Assam Govt

Assam Govt Asks Private Schools to Slash Fees by 25% Effective from May till ropening Assam government Principal Secretary in-charge of Elementary and Secondary Education Department B. Slash in school fees by 25% says Assam Govt. Kalyan Chakravarthy also issued an order asking the private schools to cut minimum 25 per cent fee from pre-school

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Will daughters really have equal rights in ancestral property?

According to the recent law, a woman can claim an equal share in the family property as a daughter as it stressed that the Hindu Succession Act. The act was amended in 2005 to give women equal inheritance rights – can have a retrospective effect. Will daughters really have equal rights in ancestral property? It

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Will the NEP 2020 change the Indian education system?

The National Education Policy-2020 received cabinet approval on July 29. Modes of teaching and learning resources have been redesigned for online and distance education. NEP 2020 also comes at a time when almost 183 nations are expected to feel the heat of a reducing GDP. However, the question is – Will the NEP 2020 change

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US has implemented visa rules on ‘birth tourism’ for pregnant women

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration on Thursday distributed new visa rules planned for limiting “birth tourism”, where ladies travel to the US to give birth so their children can have a coveted for US Passport. Candidates will be denied visitor visas in the event that they are dictated by consular officials to be going to the

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