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Nepal’s power residue and India’s power recuperation in the region

India has communicated to the independent power producers of Nepal that they won’t purchase electricity from hydropower projects that have Chinese components. India opened its doors to purchase Nepal’s power in November 2021. This is a significant milestone for Nepal since it is the first time the Himalayan country has exported hydropower. India’s refusal to […]

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Blockchain rare-earth scheme certifies sustainability for EVs

The blockchain rare-earth scheme is an EU-funded certification scheme. The is project is to certify sustainability for EVs.  Automakers demanded evidence about materials used in manufacturing magnets for EVs. Therefore, the EU-funded certification scheme uses blockchain and is under development for rare earth.  What is the Blockchain rare-earth scheme? The Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) […]

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Oil Prices to reach $100 a barrel due to Omicron

The impact of Omicron has caused oil prices to reach $100 a barrel. By the end of 2022, crude oil prices are likely to soar 35%.  Production shortfall despite increasing demand along with geopolitical tensions is an unusual combination. As reported on Al Jazeera yesterday, Texas Intermediate crude slipped down to 0.70% at $84.95. And […]

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Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment

Elon Musk announced in a Tweet, “Tesla merch buyable with Dogecoin.” Tesla will now accept Dogecoin as payment for selected merchandise.  Elon Musk’s Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment Tesla will now accept Dogecoin as payment for merchandise such as – the $150 Giga Texas Belt feat. the company logo and the recently launched $50 […]

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Rise of Greenhouse gas emissions in U.S. hikes dramatically

The dramatic surge in Greenhouse Gas emissions puts the U.S. far off track from its Climate oriented Goals. Such a substantial rise of 6.2% in Greenhouse Gas emission is a byproduct of a rebound in the economic crisis.   US Greenhouse Gas emissions on a steep incline During the aftermath of the Covid Crisis, Greenhouse Gas […]

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Tesla Opens A New Showroom in Xinjiang, Biden imposed ban importing from that region

Tesla opens a new showroom in Xinjiang on December 31, 2021. The Biden administration strongly disapproves of Tesla’s connection with the region.  President Biden has signed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention act banning imports from the Xinjiang region.  Why is Tesla being criticized for opening a new showroom in Xinjiang? According to Human Rights Watch, […]

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China: ‘Artificial Sun’ EAST Breaks The World Record

China’s experiment with an ‘Artificial Sun,’ also known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak – EAST, breaks the world record. The fusion reactor ran without interruption for nearly 20 minutes at an impressive 70 million degrees Celsius.  What is the ‘Artificial Sun’ EAST that broke the world record? In the 1950s Soviet physicists, Igor Tamm […]

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Dr. Alka Mittal: First Woman to Head ONGC as Chairperson & MD

Dr. Alka Mittal joined state-owned ONGC as a graduate trainee in 1985. Being the first woman to head ONGC as Chairperson & MD, Dr. Alka Mittal welcomed the New Year’s with a bang.  Who is Alka Mittal? Dr. Alka Mittal is a Doctorate holder in Commerce and Business Studies and is a postgraduate in Economics, […]

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Elon Musk’s Tesla stocks jump-start 2022 after record-breaking deliveries

Elon Musk’s Tesla stock rose to new heights after impressive EV deliveries in 2021. The stock rose to 14% to $1,199.78, giving 2022 the jump-start it needed. Tesla made record-breaking deliveries of 936,172 EV’s in 2021, and 296,850 deliveries were of Model 3 and Y.  Elon Musk’s Tesla stock to jump-start 2022 with record-breaking deliveries […]

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COP26 and the commitment pledges towards Climate Change

The entire world is witnessing the severity of Climate Change as observed by COP26.  It is no secret that this year has been host to numerous destructive events caused by the hike in climate change. This year’s COP26 summit’s agendas revolved around several political spouts regarding the rising temperature. During the COP26 conference summit in […]

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