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Ecommerce Innovations Rules

Government issues new rules for online shopping

New Delhi. Soon the government will overcome all the hassles related to online shopping. On online shopping, customer get rid of the problems of discounting cash and returning or Exchange of products. The Government will present the rules soon. As per sources, through these rules, the government can give a great relief of help to the customers. Simultaneously, the focus of the Consumer Affairs Ministry is to modernize the Consumer Forum.

As per sources, the government has focused to issue new rules in 100 days for online shopping. Government has arranged a 100-day plan for all these. The work has been started on this. The objective is to settle the draft in 100 days as well as by agreeing to it, it is additionally permitted to wear legal deposits.

As per Consumer Affairs Secretary Avinash Shrivastav, “The new rules for online shopping will bring transparency in returns, exchanges, and discounts. These Guidelines will spare Consumers from the extortion of online companies. The objective of issuing new rules in 100 days has been set. The Consumer Forum will also be modernized.

The NDA government had said in its first innings the formation of controllers to give help to the customers in online shopping. After much objections came, the government had said that the duty of the poor item will likewise be raised by online organizations and they will not be able to avoid the sale mistake of the seller.

In Short

  • The government has prepared a 100-day agenda, preparations for making drafts have started
  • New guidelines on transparency in return, exchange, and refund on online shopping
  • The government will save the consumer from the fraud of e-commerce companies through Guidelines
  • The focus of the Consumer Affairs Ministry is also to modernize the Consumer Forum

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