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Generating Bioenergy from Sugarcane…

Generating Bioenergy from sugarcane

Generating Bioenergy from Sugarcane Agriculture photo taken by Pixabay

In the energy chain, the alternative sources are gaining popularity which has boosted Raizen’s motto to explore the genre. It is the third largest revenue generating Energy Company and the fifth largest energy firm stationed in Brazil. It is also the world’s largest individual sugar cane producer. Raizen is designing an agritech innovation capability in the home country to prove its existence in the upcoming changes. 

Raizen formed its empire after an agreement was established between the Royal Dutch Shell and Cosan. The former is the Anglo-Dutch oil and gas company while the latter is the energy conglomerate from Brazil. Raizen is the top producer of Sugar, ethanol, and Bioenergy from Sugarcane. It also distributes the maximum amount of fuel by producing 2.1 billion liters a year under the brand Shell.

Now, this group is looking forward to getting more from the existing resources of the power plant that deals with the production of biogas from sugarcane. To materialize the concept and vision, the company has increased its investment in the segment of innovation by 4 times. It has also focused on Pulse, which is a startup accelerator and co-working space. This facility is located in Piracicaba, 97 miles from Sao Paulo. This focuses on the advantage of the local growth and expertise of agritech, which is a new venture developed with the latest technologies for agribusiness. 

The VP of innovation, Fabio Mota stated that the organization is looking forward to playing an active role in the innovation and also expects the prominent suppliers to follow the same. Also, he mentioned that this will not be sufficient for a huge company like Raizen and will become an obligation to become a protagonist and pioneer in the comprehensive process. He further added that digitization is an important factor in this category as the new initiatives will be applied to the focused areas. This will help take control of the business and guide it towards a positive direction. 

The company is looking forward to identifying the potential partners that will prove to be beneficial for the business needs and scopes to add innovation to the existing facility. Since the inception of Raizen, the innovation program has attracted more than 400 startups and also boosted the operation of around 15 companies which were in diversified levels of maturity.

He was proud to add that with the initiation of Pulse, numerous companies approached it to be a part of its system as this was the first of its kind. In fact, everyone was looking forward to fintech for receiving more opportunities in a generic category.

The idea has already started to offer fruitful outcome as a few of the partners have completed the projects of proof-of-concept, which is presently at controlled expansion. 

Another project that has reached an advanced stage is the Perfect Flight that is supervising the Raizen sugarcane crops. This has involved a system that looks after the traceability and accuracy of the pesticide implementation with the help of the georeferenced airplane route data, detailing the spray analysis report.  Another example is Strider that designs software to monitor and control the pest. This will work in more than 600 rural properties in the United States and Brazil. Strider was already working in the segment of customer service and joined Raizen later. Also, clubbing with Aimirim focuses on burning the sugarcane bagasse to generate energy through artificial intelligence for automation. This technology is embraced by two of the plants in Raizen that adjusts the combustion rates, leading to a reduction of about 30% of the bagasse amount for the same calorific value. 

Project 1: Brayton Grid Energy, LLC- Hampton, NH

Project 2: Echogen Power Systems (DE), Inc. – Akron, OH

Around the next year, Raizen is expected to range in between 40 and 50 startups. The energy giant is also looking forward to receiving a confirmation on the current project to implement the investment proportionately. 

Fabio Mota stated that the focus of the company is to cut across the odds of the market and flourish in the stringent market with the innovative technologies, processes, and convictions. This will not only increase the investments but will also adjust the standard business to fetch more profit. 

The agritech sector in Brazil is lagging behind the other miscellaneous sectors as it lacks numbers of startups and maturity. However, Mota is hopeful regarding the rapid change in the system with the success of Pulse. He believes that the aspiration of the innovative ecosystem in agriculture will stand as a reference to the entire world as this will include an unusual source of sugarcane. He also mentioned that though India is the second largest sugarcane producer in the world, it is far behind the innovative technology that looks forward to generating bioenergy from sugarcane.

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