How to secure the supply of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

To find a suitable substitute for a part, it is necessary to compare their mechanical and electrical characteristics.

aluminum electrolytic capacitors
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An uninterrupted supply of all necessary components is essential for the assembly or repair of electronics. If even one part is missing, the whole process will stop. To prevent this from happening, it is important to create a list of analogues, as well as suppliers from whom you can make a purchase. To create such a list, even for the production of just one model of equipment, takes a lot of time and a specialist with deep knowledge in the field of electronics. You will have to fully study the catalogs of all manufacturers you are interested electronic components. You also need to know the names of the models and their technical characteristics. If you only work with one brand, searching through the company’s brand directory can help. But what if the required part is temporarily out of stock and you really need it today? And if the part is decided to be discontinued altogether? Thus, there should always be an opportunity to choose an alternative.

Selection of analogues for aluminum electrolytic capacitors

To find a suitable substitute for a part, it is necessary to compare their mechanical and electrical characteristics. If we are talking about aluminum electrolytic capacitors, then you need to check such indicators as:

  • Diameter;
  • Length;
  • Distance between leads;
  • Capacity;
  • Rated voltage;
  • Equivalent series resistance;
  • Service life at rated temperature;
  • Rated ripple current;
  • Working temperature.

Only if all these properties match, the analog will be able to fit in the right place on the printed circuit board, and its electrical filling will not burn out and will not interfere with the work of neighboring parts.

To appreciate the complexity of the task, let’s compare the capacitor models WCAP-ATLI Würth and SXE Panasonic. Basic information about these models includes the following data: 68 μF, 63 V THT aluminum electrolytic capacitors with 20% tolerance. Next, you need to compare the catalogs of both manufacturers and find information about the mechanical properties and dimensions in them. The difference is only in height: 12.5 and 13 mm. This means that they will fit in most cases. But the operating temperature differs more significantly – 105 and 125 ֯ С. But with such values, these models are considered analogs for each other. And then the most difficult part of the comparative analysis begins. It is necessary to compare the performance at the operating point of the device. This information is either in the laboratory reports of brands, or nowhere.

SourcingBot automates parts sourcing

The SourcingBot service database contains about 50 analogs for every electronic part, including aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The program not only compares the baseline specifications, but also displays the results of laboratory tests recently carried out by manufacturers. If brands use different units of measurement, the service will automatically convert them to the same. The required units of measurement are selected by the user in the system settings.

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