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Know The Difference: Metal Braces v/s Invisible Braces

If you’re someone facing the troubles of crooked or misaligned teeth, you must be considering the various options for braces. There are the conventional ones that you see and some unconventional ones that you don’t really see (pun intended!) and knowing the difference can make all the difference.

The old-fashioned metal braces have their own pros and cons, but the recent advances in science has led to an alternative to braces, which are clear aligners. They have proved to be a more convenient option, and here’s all you need to know to compare and make a smart choice!

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve come up with a guide to help you understand the basics of metal and ceramic braces and the other kinds so that you can identify the best from the rest. Read on!

1. Metal Braces

The conventional ones with wires and brackets, these traditional braces are what you usually see, with big metal-like divisions separating the teeth. In terms of appearance, they are quite unattractive and can shatter your confidence to smile freely and laugh out loud. In addition, metal braces pose another problem of being uncomfortable, inconvenient, and they make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene too! 

2. Ceramic Braces

They’re almost the same as metal braces, except the brackets on these are clear. They are usually tooth-colored to make it merge and become less noticeable, but the protrusion and the wires give it away. Perhaps one of the disadvantages of these ceramic braces is their susceptibility to stain and become discoloured over time, making them look unpleasant.

3. Lingual Braces

Another type of braces somewhat same as metal and ceramic braces with one distinct feature, lingual braces have the wires and brackets placed on the inside, which means it is not visible from the outside. This can add up to the inconvenience of cleaning, brushing, and flossing your teeth properly in an attempt to hide the wires.

4. Clear Aligners

These are the god-sent transparent braces that make life easier. They are removable, comfy, and convenient to their core. The best part, you ask? They’re invisible, made from BPA-free plastic. So, you can easily clean them, brush, floss and eat whatever you like with no restrictions. 

Be it crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, or crowded teeth, clear aligners can fix it all with their smooth and easy teeth alignment strategy. These transparent braces work by applying gentle pressure on your teeth, are painless and tasteless, which means a dream-like smile is not just a dream anymore.

When compared with the metal braces price, clear aligners are budget-friendly and more economical. You can get your hands on the best clear aligners if you opt for the right smile makeover specialist.

Choosing smile makeover experts like toothsi is a smart move as they offer the best quality clear aligners at the most affordable prices. Their at-home 3D scan to design your toothsi plan, a team of experts with 10+ years of experience to guide you through your journey, home impression kits to kickstart your smile transformation, and at-home teeth whitening to bring out that bright smile, all of these become top reasons why you need clear aligners today!

With remarkable at-home services, toothsi also offers EMI options on their different plans as per the severity of your misalignment, and you pay only once you approve of the plan. So now that you know the exact difference between metal braces and invisible braces, don’t wait and make the right choice by booking a scan today!

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