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Meet the woman who has achieved a billionaire status after hearing one discouraging word

Kanika Tekriwal from Bhopal has come a long way from being mistaken for a cabin crew to becoming one of India’s richest female startup entrepreneurs. JetSetGo is a company in India where you can hire private planes. JetSetGo was on the list of the leading wealthy women in India and had amassed ₹420 crore by

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World Fund to Invest $128 Million in Game Changing “Quantum” Technology Anticipating Climate Change

World Fund $128 million investment in IQM is a sign of confidence that the Finnish quantum computing company will one day deliver full carbon cuts by the megatonne. Companies like IQM raise awareness of the potential of quantum computing by focusing on how it could impact fields like chemistry and machine learning, but skeptics argue

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Tesla’s CEO Thinks The Company Needs To Cut Staff By 10%; Pause All Hiring

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, sent an email on Thursday saying that his company needed to cut staff by 10 per cent until it can achieve profitability. With a hefty cost accounting for shooting up the price of Tesla cars in China, the CEO is hoping skills changes will reduce expenses and

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How high is the price of petrol in India?

Rising fuel prices in India has led to considerable debate on which government, state or central, should be lowering their taxes to keep prices under control. The rise in petrol price is mainly due to the global price of crude going up. Governments have acted differently in various countries on fuel pricing. Further, a stronger

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Top 4 Stocks to Watch out for on May 16

Looking to make some money in the stock market this month? Here are four stocks that you need to watch on May 16. Tech Mahindra  One stock that is expected to see a lot of action in May is Tech Mahindra. The company has announced its first quarter results on May 13 – Tech Mahindra

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China eases energy controls, but glimmer of hope in Chinese industrial metal stocks fades as Shanghai goes into lockdown

China’s city-wide lockdown of Shanghai caused the Chinese stock markets to fall by 2% Premier Li Keqiang called on the country to develop its innovative capabilities China eases annual energy restrictions and is expected to see an upward trend in industrial metals and coal production China is the world’s top steel producer and consumer, with

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Is a rise in auto sales and demand a sign of economic growth?

Automobile demand and production across personal mobility and goods movement is a sign of the country’s economic growth.  Mint explains some exciting trends and points out potential risks according to wholesale auto data for February.  February numbers for auto sales OEMs dispatched wholesale passenger cars in sustained volumes in February.  However, two-wheeler production saw a

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5 Things Every New Car Owner Should Know

So, you managed to pass your driving test with flying colours and now you can’t wait to buy your very first set of wheels. We’ve all been there and while this is an exciting time, there are responsibilities for a car owner and there could be pitfalls along the way; here are a few examples

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Not Wearing the Correct Motorcycle Safety Gear Could Be One of The Last Decisions You Make

If you already ride a motorcycle, then you should already be well aware of the risks that come with not wearing the correct safety gear, if you don’t already ride a motorcycle, but you love the idea of riding/owning one, then it is highly likely that you will acquire one in the not-too-distant future. Either

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How to Get the Best Value from Your 4×4

The automotive industry isn’t quite what it used to be, times are changing and whereas automotive used to be top of the list when it comes to emerging industries, tech has taken over which see’s the automotive industry losing value, a little. However, if you own a 4×4 then you’re in luck because, there are

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