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This is the category which covers all kind of relationship stuff.

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A man is forcibly married to his brother’s widow

Marriage is the purest relationship in the world! It is like a dreamy life, but when you are chosen for right, it can get worse if you get married to the wrong person. Marriage is something that we want to live with our loved ones in every moment of life. But there are many such issues

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How Coronavirus is Re-shaping Friendship

Lying of coronaviruses is actually shaping friendship and social networks. Before the lockdown, we go to theaters, dance classes, gyms, etc. where we can spend more time with friends. The world has gone online after this lockdown but sometimes people feel lonely. This year too, a large number of people felt lonely in the coronavirus lockdown.

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Men with these Zodiac Signs are Hopeless Romantics

Romance is the base of any relationship that develops the relationship well in the long run. Men are always romantic from the inside but they cannot believe to show but they certainly express themselves through their actions and feelings. There is a small difference between being romantic and becoming hopelessly romantic. Instead of a sensible lover,

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Are Indians Really Leading happy Married Lives? Here are 5 reasons for Increase in Divorce Rates in India

According to a BBC report few years back, it was stated that thirteen marriages out of a thousand ended in divorce in India. This clearly indicated that 1.36 million people in India are divorced. Over the years there is an increase in the rate of divorce cases in India. A recent study shows that there

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Top 10 Must Haves For Newly Married Couples

It is very exciting to be a newly married couple because it is time for honeymoon and new things together. Sometimes marriage advice is also required for newly married couples. The time after your marriage is very important because at this time you will get to know each other well. It is high time for

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Top 10 Most Romantic Places for Pre Wedding Shoot in India

Life is meant to capture beautiful memories, feelings, special occasions, and special moments that make you happy when you look back at those memories. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a beautiful cute moment that clicking together cherishes your memories forever, but choosing the right places for pre wedding shoot can make it more special. There are

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Why Jewellers use Moissanite Instead of Diamond in Jewellery?

Whether you are getting married or wanting to own a diamond ring, this article is for you. You have to consider every fact before deciding what to buy, invest, or want. A wise decision today might be your ticket for success in the future. An unfit investment may lead you to financial instability. Diamond ring

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A Love Story from Coronavirus – ridden Wuhan will move your heart

This story of a doting husband Tong Hai caring for his beloved wife Li Ting is like a silver lining among the dark clouds that envelop Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus. Li, an emergency room nurse in a Wuhan hospital, was infected with the coronavirus after tending to the patients. Her husband, Tong,

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Top 10 Condom Brands in the World: Thinnest, Lubricated, Latex…

The global revenue of the condom market is growing at exponential rate sex education programs help to prevent STD(Sexual Transmitted Diseases), STI(Sexual Transmitted Infections) and for better family planning. In countries like the US, it has innovative marketing strategies by leading condom brands that have helped to push demand for this product. So here is

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Matrimony sites are now searching for tech support to help you find a perfect match

AI algorithm is more familiar with what you’re searching for than you could be! This helps us to find the best matches for the users-not only by searching for preferences, but also by observing user behavior and suggesting similar matches on matrimonial site. Artificial Intelligence algorithm helps matrimonial site users to find a match based

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