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Why should killing nature be a crime?

According to the European Union – destroying nature is a crime. Vanuatu is a small island in the South Pacific that rises above sea level day by day! It is caused by climate change. This happens due to increasing temperature. There are various reasons for climate change – the burning of fossil fuels, burning of plastic, use […]

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Live with plants may great for you!

We can find many plant lovers on social sites. Cactus is by far the most Instagram famous plant. We found 23 million posts dedicated to the cactus plant. The second most popular plant is Hoya and the third most popular plant on the internet is Monterra, also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant. FAnd there are some of […]

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Indian needs to stop pollution to provide coronavirus relief

India’s pollution fears have returned as its air quality has deteriorated. We have been spreading pollution in the capital in the last two weeks. As we know that India is fighting the coronavirus which is affected by air pollution. Air pollution is associated with higher cases of air pollution. The study shows that there is an increase […]

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Providencia Island: A Sea of Seven Colours

Providencia is an island of seven colors of the sea. It is beautifully surrounded by a small Colombian island built by the third-longest barrier reef system on Earth. It is a beautiful small forest green island that lies outside the Caribbean sea. It is surrounded by dense forests, volcanic peaks, golden sand ridges. The island is a […]

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Power cuts in Mumbai Disturb People Lives

The power cuts in Mumbai have affected the financial capital of India and millions of people in many ways. Power cuts are common in India but not common in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. This happened because there was no storage of supplies, officials said, adding that supplies would be restored soon. Residents of Mumbai […]

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Brazil became another hotspot destination of Coronavirus, which broke all records

According to the Brazilian Health Minister, the number of people in Brazil was reduced due to coronavirus. Brazil is the second-largest coronavirus country in the world after the US and India. Brazil has passed more than 5 million infections in this week. This is due to a lack of expert advice and security measures. Brazil has the […]

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Why is the threat of whale extinction a concern for humans?

Many scientists and conservationists from over 40 countries need global action to protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises from their discontent. According to scientists and conservationists, more than half of all species are of conservation concern. They are about to expire soon if they will not conserve well. Due to the lack of proper action polluted and over-exploited […]

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Canada banned single-use of plastic from 2021

Canada is going to ban the single-use of plastic in late 2021. Their target plastic items are six-pack rings, target stir sticks, cutlery, and food ware items as all of these items are really hard to recycle. It is planned to eliminate plastic waste by 2030. This is due to saving their environment just for […]

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Forecast: Delhi’s air quality may deteriorate from Monday, due to burning of stub.

The air quality of Delhi is slowly deteriorating due to increasing weather conditions and cases of stub burning and is likely to worsen by Monday. The AQI remained at the middle-end high end in the last two days. It was 189 on Saturday and 180 on Friday. According to the system of SAFAR, a forecasting body […]

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How plant-based milk will occupy the entire market by 2030

The Uk based companies are going to produce only oat milk by 2030 to reduce their carbon emissions. Canadian Dairy giant Saputo Inc. after announcing the brand of Amla milk a few months ago, the plant will plan for the milk business. Ottley is also a company in Sweden whose investors are Oprah, Winfrey, Jayz, and […]

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