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70% Mental Health Patients Thinking of Suicide; No. in Gurugram Risen by 50% Since Lockdown: Says Doctor

The reasons are irregular work hours, stress of work, and lack of personal space, as well as inability to meet extended family and friends. Most of the patients were between 25 and 40 of age, and more men than women reported the tendency of active ideation. About half of the patients do not have any

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Muharram – A Lesson of not bowing down before an Oppressor

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. From the first day of this month till the 10th day of Muharram, the sorrowful event of Karbala was taken place nearly 60-70 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Karbala is the name of a place situated on the Bank of the Euphrates. The story

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Are US Africa Relations Coordial ?

News of a coup in West Africa was commonplace in the 1980s and 1990s, but in the last two decades it is a sufficiently rare event to make world headlines, especially when the two last coups in West Africa happened in the same country – Mali. Over the last 20 years, Mali has mostly been

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Are the Local aid workers suffering during Pandemic? – A Report

The pandemic has created a vast gap between the rich and the poor. Local aid workers have a critical role to play in the response to this pandemic. Amid a global pandemic, unprecedented needs and growing insecurity, aid workers and health-care responders are staying and delivering to the world’s most vulnerable people. The dedication, perseverance

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The Young dynamic, 20 yrs, Neelkantha Bhanu the fastest Human Calculator

Neelkantha Bhanu Prakash, aged 20 years is the first person to win first-ever gold in mental calculation world championships. Born and raised in Hyderabad, Neelakanta has emerged as the fastest human calculator in the world. Neelkantha is a graduate in Math from St Stephen’s College, Delhi and during his entire life, he has won many

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How did Mona Lisa become the world’s most famous painting? Story of a thief…

Who does not know about the Mona Lisa painting? It has been world famous for years now. The Mona Lisa is one of the most elegant pieces crafted by Leonardo. The woman’s arms and hands are displayed without touching the frame. She is shown only from head to waist, sitting in a chair, her left

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Most of the parents want to send their children to school during pandemic

The pandemic has been disruptive and bewildering for everyone, but especially for children. It has been almost six months in absence of a normal school day. The parents as well as the kids want to get into formal education who can’t access online classes. Hence most of the parents want to send their children to school

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Increase in Child Labour post Lockdown

Raju, an 8-year-old boy, who studied in a government school last year is searching for work. This is the plight of the plenty of children who have witnessed an increase in child labour post lockdown. The lockdown has really made their lives miserable as they are captives in hands of child labour. According to a

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Is Lockdown likely to impact an entire generation?

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly left an impact on the performance of companies across the universe and has made an impact on the entire generation. India is not so different as it seems to impact the youth in one go. The virus may not be discriminatory in who it strikes, but its social and economic consequences

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Pang of losing of Liberty – A story about a King and a Parrot

Today, I have become 22 years old but with deep sorrow and shedding tears from my eyes and telling that 20 years of my life out of 22 years have passed in captivity and still I am anguishing the pang of captivity. In other words, my whole life passed in captivity and I do not

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