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How is the increase in cryptocurrency value in recent years inspiring for the crypto world?

A Chainalysis report shows that global cryptocurrency investments increased by 400% in 2021, with Bitcoin up 60 percent to $46,300 and Ethereum up 400% to $3,650. While bitcoin saw a 60% gain and ethereum rose 400% to $3,650, the report cites other statistics indicating that profits will continue to skyrocket. The United States leads the

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Korea’s 50 richest’s wealth dips to $130 billion

South Korea’s stock was Asia’s second-worst performer after Hong Kong in the past twelve months.  As a result, Korea’s 50 richest’s combined wealth dipped to $130 billion from last year’s $156 billion.  However, in 2021, South Korea’s export-led economy soared by 4%.  Furthermore, for the first time in a decade, none of Korea’s 50 richest

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Tiffany & Co launches 499 18K TiffCoin worth $9,999

As per an April 2 announcement, TIffany & Co minted 499 18K gold coins worth $9,999 each.  However, on April 1, as a joke, Tiffany announced via Twitter, “we’re launching our own cryptocurrency called TiffCoin — with exclusive product launches, NFT releases and invite-only events for top TiffCoin holders!” “Get some gold in your wallet

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India to raise its gaming footprint and increase data security

India aims to raise its gaming footprint, says PM Narendra Modi, urging industry leaders from science sectors to increase investment.  While addressing the post-budget webinar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged investment in sunrise sectors outlined in the budget.  Furthermore, while he called upon industry leaders to invest in geo-spatial technology, AI, genomics, and drones, he

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Ashneer Grover no longer associated with BharatPe as he grossly misuses BharatPe’s money

On Wednesday, BharatPe revealed that Ashneer Grover and his family grossly misused company money.  Ashneer Gover, and his wife Madhuri Jain and relatives, extensively misused BharatPe’s money to fund their lavish lifestyle.  Furthermore, BharatPe reserves all right to take further legal action against Ashneer and his family.  Ashneer Grover grossly misused BharatPe’s money BharatPe elaborated

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Govt to be 20% limited partner in an equity fund for startups

A new equity fund for start-ups set up by the govt would provide additional capital support to entrepreneurs. The govt would also be a 20% limited partner in the equity fund.  Furthermore, Minister of State of Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar said private fund managers would manage the corpus. Govt creates equity fund for start-ups 

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Indonesia bans financial firms from trading in cryptocurrency

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) warned that Indonesia bans financial firms from trading cryptocurrency. The regulators also warned that people must understand the volatility and risks of cryptocurrency before investing in it.  Cryptocurrency in Indonesia In a statement posted on Instagram, the regulators said, “OJK has strictly prohibited financial service institutions from using, marketing, and/or

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Advisor Network Cryptocurrency Economic & Finance Fintech Market Overview

Russia to impose a ban on Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining

Russia’s Central banks make a move against Cryptocurrency. Russia decides to impose a ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining. Pavel Durov, the founder of the telegram, says that “Russia’s Crypto ban might drive out IT professionals and no developed countries ban cryptocurrencies.”  The third-largest Crypto mining nation outlaws Crypto trading and mining. Russia’s move against

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Bitcoin Value Drops After U.S. Fed To Raise Interest Rates

Bitcoin value drops after U.S. Fed suggests an increase in interest rates. Crypto value also dropped due to the internet shutdown in the world’s second-largest bitcoin mining hub, Kazakhstan.  The U.S. Federal Reserve suggests raise in interest rates While the U.S. Federal Reserve announcement to raise interest rates may have dropped bitcoin value, the crypto

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Fractal Becomes the second Unicorn after TPG investment

Fractal becomes the second unicorn after TPG invests $360 million in the company. Fractal and TPG have signed a definitive investment agreement. The Fractal investment has raised its value to $1 billion, making it the second unicorn.  How did Fractal become the second unicorn after the TPG investment? In 2007 Fractal faced a significant setback

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