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5 Secrets for Effective SEO strategy for Startups of 2019

 Secrets for Effective SEO Strategy for Startups 2019. Photo Credit by If you have recently launched a new startup or your agency, let me take a call and introduce you to your new friend that is termed as SEO. You have often heard the word SEO when it comes to digital marketing or online

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5 Methods of Performance Appraisal for Employees

The end of a financial year marks the time when the management sits in a conference room to discuss your performance appraisal. Not only your data throughout the year is accumulated but also the words of mouth from your subordinates and peers are considered. Similarly, you are also asked about the performance of your colleagues

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10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneur to Stay Positive while Chasing your Dreams

Photo Credit: Pexels. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task. When you have decided to start your own business venture, it is almost like having a baby for the first time who is going to require almost half of your time as well as investment. It is one of the best experiences to

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Your Boss’s Salary Can Motivate You to Work Harder

Any activity, regardless of the genre, needs a positive motivation to move forward. The same goes for employment, which needs positive zeal not only to perform in a better way but also to continue with the organization. For example: A GOOD BOSS in a bad company can motivate you to work harder than a BAD

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10 Reasons Why You need to be Transparent with your Employees

The economy is on the rise but the employees of your organization fail to recognize the positive effects of the same. In fact, they feel distracted and anxious, which directly affects their productivity, sabotaging the comprehensive performance of your firm. Thus, It is more necessary to be transparent with your employees. How to boost their

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Top 10 Business Intelligence Tools for organizing the Data

Organizations, irrespective of their size need to take well-planned decisions in order to grow and expand their business. This is precisely why BI or Business Intelligence tools have become more relevant and crucial. BI tools help business in gauging trends and gaining insight into their data for the purpose of strategic decision making. Many start-up

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How to Start a Business? A step by step guide for beginners…

People all over are slowly waking up to the benefits of running their own business. Before it was only the scions of the rich families who had enough backing to trod this path. But now the path has multiple new walkers on it, most people who wish to do something other than a 9-to-5 job.

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5 Technology Trends you must Invest in 2021 for Maximum Return

Companies around the world have been investing hundreds and thousands of dollars in technology every year to foster growth, innovation, and improve overall efficiency. This is specifically why investors around the world are keeping an eye on the latest technological trends and developments where they can invest their money and enjoy higher returns in the future.

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Four Reason Why You Must Start Your Own Business Today

Every once in a while when you drag yourself out of your bed you decide that it is time to branch out, start your own business, and work for yourself. You are in full motion of putting your thought to paper. But as you reach your office the momentum loses force and you spend the

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7 Incredible Useful Techniques to Improve Productivity for Small Business

 Image Credit: Running a small business is a task that has to be performed with the utmost care and precision, only then you have chances to survive in a market full of wolves ready to eat you away. Unlike big business tycoons, the problems of a small business owner are different and they need

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