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Exploring WBT Crypto: An Overview of the Utility and Benefits

Among over 500 platforms for trading digital coins on the Internet, we would like to draw attention to the WhiteBIT(WBT) crypto exchange.

It is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies where individuals can purchase, sell, and swap various digital assets and fiat currencies as well.

It is a regulated exchange that facilitates trading in numerous popular and emerging cryptos, providing a variety of trading pairs. In this article, we will list the advantages of this platform and discuss its native currency – the WhiteBIT token.

Some Facts About the Crypto Exchange

Some key features of the WhiteBIT exchange include:

  1. Security. At WhiteBIT, your funds are secure. It uses measures such as cold storage, 2FA, and encryption protocols to protect your accounts and operations.
  2. Trading options. The platform provides various trading options such as spot, margin trading, and futures trading. This enables users to use different trading strategies and benefit from price volatility.
  3. Intuitive interface. WhiteBIT is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced users. It features an easy-to-use interface that beginners can quickly navigate, with advanced trading charts, order types, and numerous trading tools to assist experienced traders.
  4. Liquidity. To ensure that users can quickly and competitively execute trades, WhiteBIT partners with market makers and liquidity providers, thereby maintaining high liquidity levels.
  5. Regulatory compliance. The exchange prioritizes compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in the areas where it is active. It also strives to promote transparency and establish trust between its users.

What Does WBT Serve for?

The release of the WhiteBIT token falls on autumn 2022. You may choose between two ways to treat this token:

  1. To keep it on the main balance 
  2. To hold it. 

If you are holding tokens on the exchange, you cannot exchange or transact with them. To withdraw them from holding, you can either pay a 10% fee or wait for two weeks after which you can withdraw them for free. Once you withdraw your assets, they will automatically go to your main account balance.

As a WBT token holder, you receive:

  • more rewards for every new client that you bring to the exchange;
  • zero fees for makers;
  • no fees for blockchain transactions;
  • daily AML checking for free. 

You can purchase the WBT token and access its benefits on either the WhiteBIT or Huobi exchanges. The current WBT price is $4.72 (June 2023). To learn more about WBT or other new cryptocurrencies, read the WhiteBIT blog. 

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