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How To Prevent Your Phone From Being Hacked By Wifi

How to prevent your phone from being hacked by Wifi is really a tuff question today’s arise and a difficult task to do when Wifi networks have become a common attacking point for the opportunity-seeking hackers to gain profit and enjoy the time. You can apply tips for wifi security to keep your information and data safe and secure from the malicious minds of the hackers.

In simple words, hacking is stealing your personal data using technology to hack networks and devices. Also, it is hard to track the methodology used in hacking because the methods and ways for hacking are developing faster. The hackers are coming up with new and innovative ideas to get hold of your personal data. 

Methods Hackers Use For Hacking

The hackers keep updating their ways but below are several ways hackers use for hacking:

    The preferred technique by hackers is wifi hacking. 

    The hacker performs wifi hacking by connecting his or her device to your wifi. The method of wifi hacking is easier for hackers compared to hacking devices connected to wifi.

    Another way used by the hackers is to hack your wifi to connect to your device.

    WEP is a tool used to secure your wireless connection. For hackers, it is easier to hack wifi routers with WEP security.

    Many free tools can hack the routers with less security

    Hackers can use default passwords for hacking your wifi, accessing your devices and gadgets. 

    Sometimes, the hackers leave wifi open for everyone as bait. The MAC address of the device and IP address are recorded in the router when someone connects to this open wifi. The hackers analyze traffic on the open wifi, packets that transfer data and your browsing history.  

Ways To Protect Your Wifi And Device From Hacking

It is necessary to secure your wifi network to make your router hard for hackers to hack. Here are the following essential and easy to do ways on how to prevent your phone from being hacked by wifi that you can apply now:

    Change your default password when you use wifi.

    Always disable automatic wifi connecting to stop your devices to connect to other wifi networks without your consent.

    Change the admin credentials of your wifi router for more security.

    Keep changing the wifi password frequently to make cracking your password hard for the hackers.

    Avoid connecting your gadgets and devices to unknown and open wifi.

    Strengthen your encryption set up

    Hide your wifi network and reduce your wifi range to avoid others to connect to your router.

    Turn the wifi off when you are not using it.

    You can block other users from connecting to your wifi router.

    You can use trusted apps to stop hacking.

    You can track which devices are connected to your wifi and block the devices you do not want to be connected with your router.

By taking these mentioned steps, your wifi network will become a harder target for the hackers looking out for victims and easy targets. Such wifi security tips will make your router hard to hack and you will resist hacking from happening to you.

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