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Digital Marketing Hacks for Startups: Go from Zero to Hero

Are you running a startup or small business? Have you ever thought about the most important part of your digital marketing strategy? Well, as a small entrepreneur you can’t afford to lose any leads that comes your way. In fact, a digital marketing strategy that converts and convinces leads to a huge success for any small business. Well- planned online marketing tactics will enable you to make most out of your resources without blowing your budget. 

Although, brands are expected to invest a major portion of their expenditure for marketing but unfortunately, most of the startups a well-funded marketing campaign and a team is a daydream. That’s a low-budget marketing that makes all the difference. Money should not become a restraint in the journey of a startup to attain a success. Let us discuss some of the digital marketing essentials you shouldn’t skip as a startup. 

1. Content is Your Kingdom

Do you need to have strong content? Gone are the days when we consider content, the king now content is not king, it’s the kingdom. Content marketing is booming the entire industry these days. Content is a big part of a marketing strategy that has left in 2018. It is the way to express or communicate with your potential audience or to connect with your targeted customers. Produce industry-specific organic content. Be authentic, creative, and innovative for getting effective results for your small business. Use various forms of content marketing including blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, and whitepapers. The need of the hour is to explore various channels and mediums. You never know where you will get your next traffic. Therefore, a content that sells will eventually turn your small business slowly and slowly into a brand. 

2. Leverage the Potential of Social Media

A free for all, the social media platform provides an opportunity for both brand and startup. So, even if you don’t have the budget for running ads, you can go a long way. With a creative flair for videos and articles, you can become a sensation in the market.

For example, Dollar Shave Club who uses social media as a powerful tool and get an average of 33 million views on YouTube. Such a huge traffic resulted in a billion-dollar acquisition. 

3. It’s All About the Community Outreach, Even Online

The entire world is addicted to social media feeds and smartphone, for building an audience, online communities are very effective and does a great job. Offering your subscribers interactive content and a sense of interaction can make them come again for more and this is what helps in building community. Remember not to use blunt promotional outreach, as your audience is smarter enough. While creating a community offer content consistently marketing will start itself after your community presence begins to grow. 

4. Build an Email List

The email list is yet one of the most effective marketing outreach tools. In terms of conversion rates it even fails another medium. For building an email list, a vast content for free needs to be created and capture the interest of the consumers to give their email ID in return for an eBook, list of resources and tools that are useful for your audience or a discount. Various list building resources and tools are available online that can be utilized for better outputs.

5. Keep Your Rivals Close and Media Friends Closer

Media coverage is one of the best ways of generating mass appeal. It can create overnight traffic for startups. If your budget is not affordable for PR agencies, you can try to make connections with journalists on Facebook and LinkedIn. But approach in a way to build relationships before requesting directly for a coverage. Initially, don’t disclose your product or PR agenda. Connection with media and journalists will also keep you updated on industry news.

 6. You Need to Hustle Your Way In

Hustle art is amazing and tactful. If you are an expert in it then you can go a long way. You can begin by networking at events, making the connection with an influencer, doing guest posting on various mediums, etc. For instance, getting your product tested by influencers can lead to endorsements. Sometimes a tweet is enough to make your product incredible and outstanding. Even participating in your client’s feedback and reviews can make your intention clearer.

7. Be Better Together: Collaborate, Collaborate, and Collaborate

Collaboration is an ideal marketing plan that can help to raise your customer base swiftly without spending a lot of money. Draw in with Instagrammers, cross advance with peer new companies. Connect at startup blenders and occasions. Hustle your story at each conceivable opportunity. When you don’t have a huge amount of trade out your showcasing coffers, joint effort enables you to burden yourself with organizations that have additionally advertising power. Welcoming a bigger firm to post on your industry blog (or the other way around), for instance, earns great press and means you’ll profit by two crowd sets. 

You may be the best in the business, yet you’re presumably not the best in each business. Working together with another organization enables you to gain from top executives’ ability and experience to feature new patterns, distinguish regions of development and demonstrate to your clients all that you bring to the table. 

All the idea takes is a typical reason. At the point when organizations meet up with a typical crowd, or objective, or a typical mission or intrigue, they can rally in any number of approaches to make an impact and a nearness that is more noteworthy than the entirety of its parts.

The startup path was never simple and will never be for the easy-going, laid-back ones. These digital marketing hacks will facilitate some of your worries. In any case, the real necessity of the startup amusement is to be on your toes and enhance each road and chance that drops your direction. It is not just about selling your offerings, but rather your dream. After a struggling pace soon you will see it come into shape.


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    • Ved Prakash September 15, 2018

      Thank You, Vania, for your suggestion. I’d try to use that for a while. Meanwhile, can you please send me the link of that application?


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