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Google removed Paytm from Play Store for violating its terms

The Paytm application is briefly removed by Google for violations of its policy on gambling. As a result of this, Paytm has stopped its Payments and financial services on the day.

Susan Frei, vice president of Google, announced in a blog post that Android Security and Privacy stated that it does not allow online casinos or gambling apps to play that promote sports betting or betting activity of any kind.

This happens because consumers participate in TYO tournaments to win money or cash prizes, a violation of our policies that Google’s Vice President says.

Google President said that we have these policies to protect users from any possible harm.
Paytm encroaches these policies, they notify the developer of the inverters and remove the application and from the Google Play Store.

When an app is found to be in violation of its policies, Google will notify and take more serious action against them, including termination from the Google play store. Their policies are often applied to what is said. The main reason for the removal of Paytm from Google was the Kalpana cricket tournament which violates google play policies.

Paytm application app announces that we are back on the Play Store where it is stated that we are up to date. The Paytm app is still available on the Apple Store. So Paytm can be downloaded through the App App Store.

An error is appearing in the Google Play listing of the aptitude app, which shows that we are sorry that the request URL was not found on this server. Therefore android users cannot download the app from google play store. Still existing who already had this app on their mobile can continue to use other services provided by the Paytm app.

But he later posted a tweet to his users to ensure that the app would be restored soon and assured his users that their money was safe with them.

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