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RailRestro to Offer Discounts on Food in Train During Summer

RailRestro is the leading e-catering service provider that provides high-quality meals to Indian Railways passengers. The Company has announced discounts on food to passengers who will travel by trains this summer. RailRestro CEO Manish Chandra said that the offer would benefit many train passengers by providing various food items on the train at low prices.

RailRestro is a food tech brand that serves healthy and hygienic food to train passengers. It provides services through its website and food delivery app at 450+ railway stations across India. Till now, RailRestro has catered over 60 Million orders on more than 7000 trains.  

This summer, if you are planning your journey by train, here is the good news. The RailRestro is raining discounts offers on food orders on the train. Indian Railways passengers can avail different food coupons online to order food on train during their summer trips. 

“It is seen that during summer, food gets contaminated easily. Hot days make it uneasy to pack home food for a journey. Consuming food that has already been contaminated with bacteria and viruses may lead to poor health and may spoil the enjoyment of the journey. Considering this, RailRestro is offering discounts on food on trains so passengers can travel to their destination enjoying healthy and hygienic food without worrying about the overburden of their pockets. Train passengers can order food on train at low prices by availing summer discounts.” – Manish Chandra, CEO, RailRestro.

Summer Foods You Can Order on Train Through RailRestro

Summer is the most preferred season to plan a vacation. Yes, you read it right. It is the time when schools are closed due to holidays for kids, and parents plan trips to visit different places to get a refreshed mind and spend some quality time with their loved ones. They mostly choose to travel by train as it is affordable and easily accessible. 

But travelling by train on sunny days is never easy. We need to stay hydrated and maintain our energy level by consuming good amounts of food and drinks rich in water and electrolytes. Additionally Summer trip becomes more delightful when you get to eat your favourite food during the journey.

However, in summer, you can only pack dry food items on which you can’t rely for your whole journey. Also, buying food items from side stores is not good because they mostly sell unhealthy foods. However, e-catering service providers like Railrestro are a great option to order food in trains that offer varieties and ensure hygienic food delivery right from the FSSAI authorized restaurants. 

RailRestro offers varieties of Summer food items on the train. During summer, you can enjoy drinks such as cold coffee, lime water, Bihar’s famous Sattu, Aam Panna, Mango Shake, Chhach, Lassi, Coconut water; curd dishes like Bihari style Kadhi-Chawal, Raita, Curd Dum Aloo, Dahi Valle, Curd Rasam, Punjabi Kadhi, Gujarati Kadhi; Fruits rich in water like Cucumbers, Watermelons, Melons, Oranges, Strawberries, etc., to please your dry throat.

Apart from that, you can order meals prepared using suitable summer ingredients like green leafy veggies, onion, tomato, fennel, celery, pumpkins, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, radish, etc. You can also avoid non-veg dishes on the train during summer because they generate excessive body heat. However, if you get hungry frequently, you can try regional seafood and fish dishes instead of chicken or red meat while travelling. 

How to Avail Discounts Offer on Food Orders on Train? 

To access discount offers, you can follow these simple steps while ordering food on train. 

  • Download the RailRestro app on mobile from the Google Play Store or App Market
  • Log in with your mobile number
  • Enter Your PNR number and explore varieties of food options from the upcoming station’s restaurant
  • Select the food items; they will be added to the cart
  • Proceed your order from the cart
  • Your screen will display the final bill amount and a box to apply coupon
  • A suitable summer offer code will be redeemed automatically
  • Choose the payment mode from Credit Card, Debit Card UPI, or COD
  • Now, wait till your train reaches the station where you have selected to take food delivery.

With RailRestro, you can also do bulk orders for a group of people travelling by train and avail of heavy discounts. For group orders (more than 6 persons) on the train, you need to place your food order at least 4 hours before a single to 6 person, order food at least 45 minutes before the train reaches the selected station. You can check PNR status for your train ticket and get its prediction online.

RailRestro is the most trusted e-caterer making the summer journey cool by delivering quality food and beverages on the train. Explore beautiful India with Indian Railways and mouth-watering foods at the lowest price. 

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